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Sales of Diesel Fuel

Current oil price

on our gas station Ostrava, Heřmanice

39,00 CZK/1l
32,23 without VAT

Service Station

Contact our branch offices: Ostrava

Let us allow to offer you a possibility to use our services:

  • repairs of trucks, commercial vehicles and cars
  • repairs of semi-trailers
  • repairs of motors, brakes and car chassises
  • service of oils and working fluids
  • small bodywork repairs

We are looking forward to your visit.


Skoda before 1996300 CZK/hour
Skoda Fabia and Octavia360 CZK/hour
Foreign360 CZK/hour


Vans & Light Utility Trucks350 CZK/hour
Tatra, Liaz, Avia350 CZK/hour
Mercedes, Iveco, Man, etc. to 7,5t400 CZK/hour
Trucks450 CZK/hour
Trailers400 CZK/hour
Electrics500 CZK/hour
Hydraulics400 CZK/hour