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Karviná Branch Office

Bohumínská 1876/2, 735 06 Karviná

Phone:+420 558 841 491+420 777 733 719
  • issuance of the Customs Declaration (JSD) including all required supplements and other particulars
  • representation of enterprises in the customs proceedings, both direct and indirect
  • issuance of the T1 Transit Declarations (common transit mode) for the goods export
  • maintaining the documentation sheets for the active enhancement of the value of goods in a conditional system
  • issuance of the ATA carnet
  • filling in and opening the TIR carnet
  • customs consultancy, counseling in the field of the customs and other regulations concerning the international trade
  • ensuring the freight transport concurrently with the customs proceedings
  • processing data within the INTRASTAT system
  • classification of the goods into the appropriate code of the Customs Tariff
  • information and guidance concerning the application of the customs regulations